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Free ayahuasca healing farm

 Many friends have asked me to start an ayahuasca farm commune that anyone can come to. There are 10 acres of land in Acre, Brazil we could get for $15k from the neighbor of some Santo Daime friends. If people are in accord with my vision they can help to make this a reality. Personally I believe everyone needs to exit the global economy ASAP because soon all money will be CBDCs (programmable government credits) which will require you to be 100% a slave to participate. And we have no clue what is in our food if we don't grow it. And modern society is totally flawed and mentally ill due to its size as mentioned here at Every commune and retreat must screen applicants to avoid chaos. Diversity is beneficial but we must share some common values. Here are the ones which come to my mind. Feel free to comment if you have additions or subtractions and give your reasoning! Much love, Joel aka Nobody  -------- Core core values 1. HONESTY Honesty is required befo