Everything you were taught is a lie.

(If you prefer, I made a more amateur but fun video presentation on this topic also.) Thanks to our trust of psychopaths , we humans went from small bands of people who trusted each other and loved life (as in this modern day example , or this beautiful short video clip of Hadza saying they would never want to give up their way of life  for a "civilization" in which people kill each other and themselves ) to this "better" civilization, in which nobody knows anyone well enough to not rely on (usually negative) stereotypes , and half the resources are going to half a dozen people at the top . Those same people at the  top make funny claims that this new system has lifted most humans out of "poverty."  But who is poorer, someone who spends a few hours a day doing natural farming or hunting/gathering , with still plenty of time for artwork, philosophizing, and community bonding rituals , or someone who works 40-60 hours per week to pay for rent on a place

Would Buddha Beg to Differ? Maybe Civilization Is The Necessary Evil?

 Throughout this blog I've argued that civilization is bad for humans in most every way imaginable. One can certainly argue that it does have little perks, like ice cream, and emergency surgeries, and skydiving (which might require emergency surgery). Overall, however, it seems clear that humans were happier before we started living "civilized." But on the other hand, who's to say that life on Earth is supposed to be so idyllic? Is the point of life just to have fun with your friends & family?  Buddha would argue that the point of life is to end rebirth, since life is full of suffering. Well, that argument falls on deaf ears when your life does not seem to have much suffering compared to the joys you experience in your community. But if one investigates the disjoint, witnessless, perfect reality that Buddha discovered , one will indeed come to his conclusion that life, in comparison to nibbana, is full of suffering. In fact, every moment of even the best life, is

Poem: Return to the Great Natural Perfection

(This poem was inspired by the love of my life, Nanou) ------ We live in cages called "houses," rarely with happy spouses, working like slaves to buy gas to get to work, trying to eat the delicious soup of life with a fork. "Money don't grow on trees, ya know!" But pure water falls from the sky, and food does grow for free on trees. Oh... and fresh air is made by leaves, not treaties. Sigh... When your village is so big you can't tell the psychopaths from the saints, consider a return to Mother Nature, free of taints. Sayonara cyborgs, Internet, Outer Space, Re-discover spirit, the "inner-net," the inner space, Life Without A Trace.

How Did Civilization Get Imposed On Us?

  Civilization, based on the etymology, originally meant to “lie down” or to “settle.” If you think of the small bands of happy people who existed before government, this makes sense. They stood up tall, and would not lie down for anything but to sleep. They didn’t need to settle for anything because they were in tune with the natural flow of life. Today, we lie down to get stomped on by our psychopathic governments, and we settle for that. Stockholm syndrome sets in. Consider the case of the genetic psychopath, who is incapable of compassion and who seeks thrills at the expense of others. From readings I’ve done, approximately 1% of the human race is born like this (and for historical evidence, scroll down). Do you know who all the psychopaths are in your society? How about out of all the people you personally know, do you know which ones are psychopaths? Answer: no. You can’t, because they are extremely good at disguising themselves and can adopt any persona they wish at any moment.