Everything you were taught is a lie.

(If you prefer, I made a more amateur but fun video presentation on this topic also.)

Thanks to our trust of psychopaths, we humans went from small bands of people who trusted each other and loved life (as in this modern day example, or this beautiful short video clip of Hadza saying they would never want to give up their way of life for a "civilization" in which people kill each other and themselves) to this "better" civilization, in which nobody knows anyone well enough to not rely on (usually negative) stereotypes, and half the resources are going to half a dozen people at the top. Those same people at the top make funny claims that this new system has lifted most humans out of "poverty." 

But who is poorer, someone who spends a few hours a day doing natural farming or hunting/gathering
, with still plenty of time for artwork, philosophizing, and community bonding rituals, or someone who works 40-60 hours per week to pay for rent on a place they don't own, to gas up their car so they can get to work, to buy "GRAS" junk food that makes them sick, and go to doctors that make them sicker? Suicide, depression, schizophrenia, chronic anxiety, rapid onset gender dysphoria, autism, obesity, sterility, and tons more diseases are mostly all modern phenomena which are peaking now at an unimaginable rate, with over 54% of children diagnosed with a chronic illness in USA

If, as they say, health is wealth, than humans are indeed poorer than we have ever been. (For more analysis on why we are sicker than ever due to civilization, see this post.)

If we are not healthier, well, at least we are smarter and more self-realized, or in other words our lives are more meaningful than they were before civilization, right? Unfortunately, in the ways that count, we are less self-realized, less peaceful, and less intelligent, than ever.

Hey, not to mention that "civilization" has nearly destroyed the entire planet NINE TIMES with nuclear war close calls.

Billionaires (a.k.a. pedovore psychopaths, the type of person who could not exist in a traditional society of about 50 people where everyone knows everyone) are planning for the coming "event" when their money hoax is over. Some folks already ditched this system successfully. 

This money+government system has our minds enslaved and perverted by anomie. Most people also know nothing about their next-door neighbors. And with the advent of the greatest Psyop in history, COVID-1984, analysis paralysis has become the next phase of the divide and conquer strategy. This is the second phase of Operation Northwoods + MK Ultra + Operation Mockingbird. First phase was 9/11:

Next up in the dangerous game of "improving human life" is merging our brains with computers, which according to the World Economic Forum, will happen quite soon. (Although government MK-Ultra style mind-control is not new and continues unofficially, but official mind-control tech is also patented by Microsoft and AT&T now.)

Are you ready? I suggest you meditate on the perfect nature of reality while you still can. :)
And become superhuman with an ancient technique now being popularized by Wim Hof.


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